Hairdressing courses

With over 40,000 hairdressing salons in the UK and an excess of 300,000 jobs, the hairdressing industry remains one of the fastest growing and innovative industries to work in. Our hairdressing and barbering courses are specifically designed for those who may be considering a career in this growing, innovative and exciting industry. The courses will provide you with an insight into the industry and equip you with a range of valuable skills.

Our courses are delivered in our professional, state-of-the-art, onsite salon, Academy38. The salon opens its doors to the public during the day and on a Wednesday evening, which allows students to put their skills into practice.

If you require further information regarding this particular course and curriculum please feel free to contact the Lead Tutor:

Ellie Palka:

Hairdressing Level 2 Diploma (click here)

Hairdressing Level 2 Diploma The Hairdressing Level 2 Diploma can be seen as an introduction to hairdressing, and would therefore suit those wishing to enter the hair industry. The qualification teaches a range [...]

Hairdressing Level 3 Diploma (click here)

Hairdressing Level 3 Diploma The Hairdressing Level 3 Diploma is suited to those who wish to enhance their existing hairdressing skills. The qualification emphasises the use of creativity and variety in hairdressing cuts, styles, colours, and trends. [...]