Student Opportunities

As a college, we offer students an experience that extends beyond the course itself. We work hard to support students to enjoy an enriching and innovative experience. Some of the opportunities offered include:

We have a dedicated Student Council, ‘Student Voice.’ This is a great way for students to develop confidence and leadership skills. Student Voice meets regularly with college leaders to share ideas for ways to improve the college experience for all students, as well as taking responsibility for important initiatives such as the college’s charitable activities.
Our culture is one of respect and responsibility. As young adults, students will be expected to act with maturity and become used to managing their own punctuality and performance, with our support. These skills are expected by employers as you progress to the workplace.

The college operates a professional environment, similar to that of the workplace. For example, there are no bells – students manage their own time. With this in mind, most lecturers allow students to use their first names, once they have established their working relationships with their groups.

With a workplace environment, our students are treated as trainees or junior members of staff. Students ‘learn on the job’ in our state-of-the-art environment. Their lecturer will work with them as a colleague, with professional expectations. This is a crucial part of us supporting students to be work-ready, with both the skills and knowledge required to succeed.
Our lecturers and staff work hard to ensure qualifications help students to secure paid employment. As experts in their field, they have a strong network with local employers and work hard to secure fantastic work placements. As a college, we also help with essential life skills such as CV writing, interview skills and confidence building.
We work closely to ensure students who may qualify for the Student Bursary benefit from the scheme. This supports students to benefit from financial support for costs associated with travelling to college such as bus fares, and also support for the costs of lunches, uniform and trips. We offer support and guidance to students who may need to access this fund.